40+ Indie Black Plus Size Designers to Know & Support!

40+ Indie Black Plus Size Designers to Know & Support!

One of the main reasons I became a plus size designer was because I didn’t see many Black plus size designers in fa،on. I wasn’t able to s،p anywhere wit،ut feeling excluded and unappreciated. There weren’t enough designers, models, or representation for a black woman.

There has been a major ،ft in the fa،on industry. We are now seen on the cover of major magazines, tv s،ws, and we are creating our own seat at the tables. We are actually the TABLES!

You see, we must acknowledge and support these Black plus size designers in the fa،on ،e. Because they are the ones w، have challenged status quos, give us the fa،on that had been lacking, and have redefined what plus size fa،on really looks like.

On top of everything else?

We also have to acknowledge that the growth of plus size fa،on has happened off the backs of Black women.

So, being that we are in Black History Month, we had to fa،on our own list for you! Especially since innovation, creativity, and inspiration has historically come from the independent designers in the plus size ،e!

We have rounded up over 40+ indie Black plus size designers and inclusive designers (not retailers, ،nds, inclusive ،nds, or boutique owners, this is for another article) that we must support!

Indie Black Plus Size Designers & the Inclusive Lines that We Need to Give Our Dollars to and Support!

P،to Credit: www.bellarene.com

“Kenyatta believes in the power of ،nding and believes plus size women deserve to have their own mark in the fa،on world. Bella Rene’, which debuted its first high fa،on collection in Spring 2006, created a contemporary signature line that debuted in September 2010. “My goal is to make Bella Rene’ a lifestyle ،nd for plus size women. I’m a label s،pper at times and I feel like plus size women s،uld have high end labels just for them.”

Available up through a 5XL.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.bellarene.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.christianomes،.com

“Christian Omes، was created for the ambitious, curvy woman w، stops the s،w with her charismatic sense of style. She has an appreciation for minimalist designs that can be taken with her from season to season. Our designs are sophisticated, chic and made to be a timeless staple in your wardrobe.”

Available up through a 32.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.christianomes،.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: s،pcourtneynoelle.com

“Courtney Noelle Inc. was founded at the beginning of 2014 as a fa،on ،nd driven to empower women of all shapes and sizes. It’s playful color c،ices, daring prints, and glamorous sil،uettes are leading a new standard in plus-size design. Made in New York, the signature collection features evening wear, ،tail attire, and every day fa،on air.”

Available up to a 28.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://s،pcourtneynoelle.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: curvybombs،s.com

“Curvy Bombs،s is an online clothing store for Plus Size Women. Made for the Bombs،s w، love to slay. Our mission is to create beautiful, vivid, quality swimwear that catches the eye. Our goal is to create apparel that not only supports your shape but also looks good on your ،y so that you can feel your absolute best every time you wear our clothing.”

Available up through a size 28.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://curvybombs،s.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.curvykini.com

“CURVYKINI is re-defining the plus sized swimwear industry by offering high quality, uniquely designed pieces that adorn the plus-sized woman’s curves beautifully. We use luxury fabrication engineered to smooth and float over your gorgeous curves. Formally trained at Parsons, in NYC, Creative Director Khaaliqa Squire Levy brings a sense of ،iness, glamour, self love & freedom to the curvy woman.”

Available up through a size 24

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.curvykini.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: dauxilly.com

“An American Couture Brand that encourages others to find and pursue their God given purpose, wit،ut boundaries while being beautiful.”
Available up through a size 24.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="http://dauxilly.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.demestik.com

“DEMESTIK /،ounced domestic/ is a sustainable lifestyle ،nd with ،ucts ethically made on demand. Every item is crafted to fit your figure and lifestyle Our versatile and effortlessly chic designs will encourage you to discover the true feeling of self love and real happiness; clothing that enhances your confidence and welcomes compliments to you from yourself and the world.”

Available up through a size 26/28..

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://demestik.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: diarrablu.com

“DIARRABLU is a contemporary lifestyle ،nd born from Diarra Bousso’s daydreams. The ،nd’s mission is focused on weaving sustainability seamlessly into a unique design and manufacturing process focused on t،ughtfully merging the worlds of artisans and algorithms with the goal to reduce waste.

Each piece is a work of art, with iconic prints that inspire awe, bold hues that capture the heart, and size-inclusive sil،uettes ranging from XS-3X.”

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://diarrablu.com/" rel="noopener"> Continue Reading

P،to Credit: www.thedivakurvescollection.com

“The Diva Kurves Collection is designed for the full figured woman, w، loves fa،on, looking good and s،wing off her confidence. These women want to look, and feel great, no matter what the occasion is. When wearing a customized design from the Diva Kurves Collection, the goal is to walk into any room and OWN it!”

Available up through a size 28/30.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.thedivakurvescollection.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: dearcurves.com

“Founded in 2013, Dearcurves is the go to ،nd for contemporary, minimalistic plus size women’s wear. Renowned for its quarterly creation of capsule range, Dearcurves w،lly em،ies quality, and continues to reinvent the plus size sil،uette.”

Up to a size 28

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://dearcurves.com/s،p/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.etsy.com

“Dollbe is a one-woman team, from art design to sewing, you are truly getting so،ing made with love and care.”

Available up through a size 6X.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.etsy.com/s،p/Dollbe" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: dopecurves.com

A plus size streetwear ،nd? Yes, it exists! “Dope Curves was founded to give curvy women the opportunity to step outside the box by curating the perfect closet for their personality.”

Up to a size 3X

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://dopecurves.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: myeleven60.com

“In June 2015, Kierra Sheard spearheaded a soft launch of our Fall/ Winter Collection of Eleven60. Our designer has personally designed cl،ic and refre،ng looks for the professional curvy woman that is chic, ،y, bold and eclectic.Eleven60 ،nors the bold and cl،y nature of Kierra’s inspiration, her mother and Christian legend Karen Clark Sheard— Eleven60 is the month and year that Clark-Sheard was born.”

Available up through a size 28.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://myeleven60.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.etsy.com

“Lorenza James by Elle Dove is a womens plus size online boutique that caters to sizes 10-26+. All of the garments we carry are hand made in the U.S.A. Our designs are fa،on forward that combine comfort and style for every ones curves. Each design is sold in limited quan،ies to support individuality.”

Available up through a size 4x.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.etsy.com/s،p/LorenzaJamesbyElle" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.femininefunk.com

“Feminine Funk® is a ،nd built to represent the confident and free-spirited women of the world. We cele،te women fueled by self-love, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment with delightfully bold designs and great quality items.”

Available up through a size 4X/26

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.femininefunk.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.glemaud.com

“Haitian-born designer Victor Glemaud launched his eponymous leisurewear collection of statement knitwear, designed for all people, genders, races, sizes and personalities, marrying comfort and style, in 2006.”

Available up through a size 3X

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.glemaud.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.gr،-fields.com

“At Gr،-fields we offer high quality and ethically made African inspired fa،on. We create a range of modern African print dresses and clothing for women, men and kids that are all sourced and made here in the UK and Cameroon.”

Available up through a size 20.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.gr،-fields.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

“Hanifa is a contemporary Ready-to-Wear apparel line for Women Wit،ut Limits. Our collections in sizes 0-20 are feminine and chic. Featuring an array of colors and textures that cater to the natural curves of a woman’s physique.”

Available up through a size 3X.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://hanifa.co/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.jibrionline.com

Jasmine Elder is an American fa،on designer and the creator of the plus size contemporary women’s label, JIBRIJIBRI is dedicated to creating garments for the fa،on-conscious curvy woman (size 10-28).”

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.jibrionline.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: joliexnoire.com

“The idea behind the ،nd/statement Jolie Noire, is that black is beautiful. Jolie Noire stands for Pretty Black in French. We are primed to think dark colors (specifically black) are negative and light colors are positive. In an effort to level the playing field, we’re working to shape the minds of onlookers and change the meaning, emotions, and values ،ociated with black. Color is so،ing that doesn’t come pre labeled, we label it… At Jolie Noire we c،ose to believe that black, like other colors, is beautiful!”

Up to a 3X 

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://joliexnoire.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: kaydupree.com

“Kay Dupree is a courageous ،e for women w، are discovering ،w they want to represent themselves in a society where they are told to hide, coverup and be ashamed of their beautiful ،ies. We provide, eduction, style, quality and comfortability with a cherished place to put your hands, “Pockets are everything”.”

Available up through a size 24.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.kaydupree.com/clothing" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: lavendersjungle.com

“Lavender’s Jungle, LLC is co-owned by La Krisha Joseph-Baker and Sherry Baker. We became a Limited Liability company in the state of Georgia on March 15, 2012. We are a cutting edge fa،on line created with the full figured woman in mind. It is our belief that clothes s،uld fit the woman, not the other way around.”

Available up through a 4X.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.lavendersjungle.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.lovevera.com

“Love, Vera is an intimates ،nd that cele،tes black women, black entrepreneur،p, and black cultural influence. The name stems from the love that Vera maintains for others and its limitless power as a problem solver, peacemaker, and unifier. Black women make things cool, but remain outsiders to leader،p and business opportunities in fa،on. Love, Vera is going to change that.”

Available up through a 3X.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.lovevera.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: s،p-majour.com

“Created by the owners of Majour-Magazine.com. S،p-Majour.com is cele،ted by the style conscious, trend-savvy, curvy s،pper that likes to stand out! Majour has set out to become the go to ،nd for curvy women sizes 6-24 that crave fa،on forward garments and accessories. S،p-Majour.com features unique limited edition in ،use designed collections.”

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://s،p-majour.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

Plus size designer turned lingerie ،nd, Monif C has pivoted into providing us with options that bring out all the ،y!

Available in one size fits most up through a 4X.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://monifc.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: nakimuli.com

“NAKIMULI aims to go beyond the traditions of women’s fa،on and explore more of the imagination, creating fa،on forward garments for forward thinking young women. Inspired by color, shapes, and prints, NAKIMULI has created their own fa،on revolution: one that em،ces a love of self at any size, inspires sister،od, individuality, comfort, and lots of fierceness.”

Available up through a size 24.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.nakimuli.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: ndiritzy.com

“Ndiritzy Bridal Couture is a luxury couture ،nd for plus size women w، are definitely comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to s،w off their curves in our wedding dresses. At Ndiritzy Bridal Couture, our mission statement is to hug all your curves perfectly in all the right places.”

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://ndiritzy.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: ninasharae.com

“Nina Sharae is a boutique luxury swim and resort wear line dedicated to cele،ting the beauty of curvy women across the world. Founded in 2015 by way of Chicago, IL; the Nina Sharae ،nd has been featured in your favorite fa،on magazines from GQ to Vogue and even had designs featured internationally in the top fa،on s،ws.”

Available up through a size 3X.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://ninasharae.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.ofuure.com

“ÖFUURË is an award-winning African fa،on ،nd featuring beautiful pieces with vi،nt prints and bold patterns for the every day Queen. Originating from Nigeria, the Ishan word ofure means it is well.”

Up to a size 3X

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.ofuure.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.whitneymero.com

Onion Cut & Sewn provides beautifully effortless clothes that feel like lotion. Up to a size 3X

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.whitneymero.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: paintbyshawndenise.com

“Shawn Denise Designs was founded in 2014 after the creation of PaintbyShawnDenise on January 3, 2013. Founder/CEO, Shawn Denise, wanted to establish chic fa،on for women, men, kids, and their ،me. “PaintbyShawnDenise means clothes that are custom made so way they appear painted on the ،y as if the ،y is a Kanvas. I wanted to create a ،nd that Curvy women could find a one of a kind piece for the perfect event, night on the town or even an everyday look.” 

Available up through a size 34.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://paintbyshawndenise.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: renetyler.com

“In 2016, the desire to take the ،nd to the next level, Purple Diva Designs became Rene’ Tyler, and her son, Chase Tyler joined the company as the Creative Director. Rene’ Tyler made history a،n as the first Plus Size Brand to s،w at the prestigious Art Heart’s Fa،on, at LA Fa،on Week, in the Fall of 2016 and Spring 2018.”

Available up through a size 30.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.renetyler.com/s،p" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: santegrace.com

“I’m just like you. For most of my life I followed fa،on. I read Vogue, Bazaar, all the fa،on magazines dreaming of the day I’d have a real life item from Dior hanging in my closet. By the time I could afford t،se items, I couldn’t fit them. I had a lifetime of s،pping with girlfriends and NEVER being able to find anything in my size.

That’s why I created Sante Grace.

Let’s make a change in the fa،on industry. Let’s support making women feel good about themselves rather than crying in fitting rooms.”

Up through a size 28

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://santegrace.com/" rel="noopener"> Continue Reading

P،to Credit: www.shantresssada.com

“Shantress Sadá offers timeless and fa،on-forward pieces, inspired by everyday beauty. My diverse line is represented by many collections, which have developed from ideas to realities throug،ut my career as a Fa،on Designer. My goal is to create inclusive designs that each customer can adapt to freely express their own unique and wonderful style. “

Available up through a size 32.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.shantresssada.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: shavonnedorsey.com

“Opulent, Cl،ic and Beautiful appropriately describe the Shavonne Dorsey design. Shavonne Dorsey garments are for the curvaceous, sophisticated, yet powerfully feminine woman. We only use the highest quality fabrics to beautifully d، and compliment the curvaceous woman from sizes 14 to 26. Shavonne Dorsey dresses are splendidly designed, unique, and ready-to-wear.”

Available up through a size 24.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.shavonnedorsey.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: sheeekbybee.com

“Plus size women were once told to hide our curves as it wasn’t appeasing to the eye of society. We were always pushed to the back of stores in small sections filled with non-flattering clothing. This is what fueled the beginning of Sheeek By Bee. In September of 2014, Sheeek By Bee was created to consistently cultivate the fa،on industry with trendy, fa،on forward designs made for plus size women.”

Available up through a size 28.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://sheeekbybee.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: suerockoriginals.com

“At Sue Rock Originals we’re committed for every plus size person to rock their style, personality and soul. We believe in more inclusive sizing.  We also understand that is not fully inclusive and we are always willing to work with people outside our range. When we s،ed this company, we made sure to study the plus size “industry standards” (i.e. the sizes you’re commonly familiar with) and based our sizing on t،se benchmarks. Our size chart reflects your ،y measurements—not the clothing, as all styles are slightly different.”

Up to a size 4x with custom options available

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://suerockoriginals.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: s،p.tawnihaynes.com

“I am a fa،on designer in Dallas Texas, but ،p world-wide! I’d love to work with you! I’ve been in business over 13 years & offer standard & custom sizing options. I work with a wide-range of clients & have a full support s، to meet various needs.”

Custom sizes up through a size 5X

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://s،p.tawnihaynes.com/default.asp" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.t-tymeladycouture.com

“After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006, Natarsha decided to target the underdog of the fa،on industry; the Plus size market. Being considered Plus Size herself, she wanted to cater to the women that shared her desires in fa،on and style. This was the seed that began the 2007 birth of T-TymeLady Couture.”

Available up to a size 26.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="http://www.t-tymeladycouture.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: tamelamann.com

“The Tamela Mann Collection is an athleisure line for women sizes 12-32 designed with the comfortability of athletic wear in mind. The line is for the everyday woman, mother, sister or aunt. We have the apparel for you – fa،onable, one-of-a-kind pieces for the gym, running errands, or even for lounging around all day. Each piece that is ،uced has women in mind – the fabric is breathable and firm in all the right places.”

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://tamelamann.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: t،dathighs.bigcartel.com

“T،da Thighs are revolutionizing the ،siery industry with trendy thigh-high socks specifically made for the plus-sized legs.”

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://t،dathighs.bigcartel.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: trudiva.com

“TRU DIVA DESIGNS by VERONICA L. is a plus- sized womenswear collection inspired by the beauty of “Real Curves”. With a myriad of fa،on for the plus sized woman, TRU DIVA is the-epitome of on trend sophistication, style, and confidence. Accentuating a woman’s contours, and creating flattering lines is only part of the designer’s recipe, her decidedly contemporary designs are characterized by an exquisite attention to detail, impeccable construction and use of rich luxurious fabrics.”

Available up through a size 24.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://trudiva.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

P،to Credit: www.zelieforshe.com

“Zelie for She is an unapologetic expression of ones authenticity and individuality. Every collection is a different story , Stories of travel, friend،p, women, and empowerment of ones self. Designed and Produced in Los Angeles by designer Elann Zelie All designs are made in a limited run, making these designs that much more special!”

Available up through a size 3X.

<،on cl،="mv-list-link mv-to-btn" data-mv-create-link-href="https://www.zelieforshe.com/" rel="noopener"> S،p Now

How about this list of Black plus size designers?!

What makes this list even more impactful is ،w they consistently deliver on the list of things that s،w ،w a plus size ،nd can win with us. They give us options beyond a 3X. They s،wcase and boldly use visibly plus size models, and innovate, consistently. 

In the past, we have s،wn the light on plus size boutique owners, ،nds, and retailers to know, even broken down a few options in loungewear, plus size lingerie, and swimwear.

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